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Reproduction of Sound Recordings and of Performers' Performances - List of Witnesses
Commercial Radio
SOCAN (2008-2010); NRCC (2008-2011); CMRRA/SODRAC Inc. (2008-2012); AVLA/SOPROQ (2008-2011); ArtistI (2009-2011)

Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB)

Panel: Gerry Wall, President, Wall Communications Inc.
Bernie Lefebvre, Consultant, Wall Communications Inc.
Re: Exhibits CAB-2, CAB-13 and CAB-14

James N. Dertouzos, Senior Economist, RAND Institute for Civil Justice
Re: Exhibit CAB-7

Gord Harris, Program Director, CFMJ-AM Toronto
Re: Exhibits CAB-28 and CAB-28.A

Stéphane Gilker, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Re: Exhibit CAB-22

Jeff Vidler, Study Director, Solutions Research Group
Re: Exhibits CAB-3, CAB-16, CAB-26 and CAB-27

Industry Metrics Panel:
Stephen Armstrong, President, Stephen M. Armstrong Consulting Inc.
Patrick Grierson, President, Canadian Broadcast Sales (CBS)
Pierre-Louis Smith, Vice-President, Policy and Chief Regulatory Officer, CAB
Re: Exhibits CAB-17, CAB-18, CAB-19, CAB-20 and CAB-21

Panel: Dean Sinclair, President, Dean Sinclair Consulting
Bruce Wilkinson, Engineering Consultant, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Re: Exhibits CAB-4, CAB-5 and CAB


Michael J. Murphy, Professor, School of Radio and Television Arts, Ryerson University
Re: Exhibits AVLA/SOPROQ-14, 14.A and 23

Stéphanie Duquette, Assistant Executive Director, SOPROQ
Richard Pfohl, Vice-President and General Counsel, AVLA
Re: Exhibits AVLA/SOPROQ-2 to 12

Yannis Bakos, Professor, Stern School of Business, New York University
Re: Exhibits AVLA/SOPROQ-18, 18.A, 20 and 24

Panel: Dustin Chodorowicz, Consultant, Nordicity Group Ltd.
Peter Lyman, Consultant, Nordicity Group Ltd.
Re: Exhibit AVLA/SOPROQ-17


Panel: Louis Landreville, avocat, Droit du divertissement
Marc Ménard, Professeur, École des médias, Université du Québec à Montréal
Re : Pièces ARTISTI-18, 19 et 22

Annie Morin, Directrice, ARTISTI
Re : Pièces ARTISTI-2 à 14


Benoît Gauthier, President, Circum Network Inc.
Re: Exhibits CSI-4, CSI-5 and CSI-8

Paul Audley, President, Paul Audley & Associates Ltd.
Re: Exhibits CSI-6 and CSI-6.A


Doris Tay, Distribution Manager, NRCC
Re: Exhibit NRCC-4

Alan T. Mak, Consultant, Rosen and Associates Limited
Re: Exhibit NRCC-3

John McHale, Professor, Queen's School of Business, Queen's University
Re: Exhibit NRCC


Walid Hejazi, Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-4

Rob Young, Senior VP Planning Services, PHD Canada
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-3

Stan J. Liebowitz, Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics, Director of the Center for the Analysis of Property Rights and Innovation, School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas
Re: Exhibit SOCAN