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Private Copying - List of Evidence Filed
Private Copying (2008-2009)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.
Canadian Private Copying Collective
CPCC-1: Statement of Case
[filed January 18, 2008]
(amended version filed April 21, 2008)
CPCC-2: Witness Statement of Anna Bucci and Laurie Gelbloom
Appendix A: CPCC Organization Chart
Appendix B: Breakdown of Expenses 2006
Appendix C: Confidential - CD-R Brand Market Share 2006
Appendix D: Confidential - 2006 Brands
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-3: Étude de marché sur la copie privée d'enregistrements musicaux au Canada, 2006-2007, préparée par Réseau Circum, 11 janvier 2008 (avec Annexes A à D)
[déposée le 18 janvier 2008]
CPCC-4: Mesure du nombre de copies faites des pistes de musique achetées en ligne, novembre 2007, préparé par Réseau Circum, le 11 janvier 2008
[déposé le 18 janvier 2008]
CPCC-5: Contains Confidential and Highly Confidential Information - The Value of Private Copying of Qualifying Musical Works, Qualifying Performances and Qualifying Sound Recordings in Canada, prepared by Stephen Stohn and Paul Audley, January 18, 2008
[filed January 18, 2008]
(amended version filed April 21, 2008)
CPCC-5.1: Résumés of Paul Audley and Stephen Stohn
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.2: An Analysis of the Average Number of Tracks on a Digital Album, prepared by Paul Audley & Associates Ltd. with the assistance of CMRRA-SODRAC Inc. (CSI), January 18, 2008
Appendix A: Track Database
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.3: An Analysis of the Private Copying of Eligible Performances and Sound Recordings, prepared by Paul Audley & Associates with the assistance of the Neighbouring Rights Collective of Canada (NRCC), January 18, 2008
Appendix A: Airplay Data
Appendix B: Sales Data
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.4: An Analysis of the Impact of Controlled Composition Clauses on the Mechanical Licensing Rate Paid in Canada under the CMRRA and SODRAC Agreements, December 15, 2006
Appendix A: Sensitive Confidential - Track by track analysis for non-copyrighted tracks
Appendix B: Sensitive Confidential - Track by track analysis for tracks on budget-line albums
Appendix C: Sensitive Confidential - Track by track analysis for tracks on full price albums
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.5: Confidential - Excerpt from Santa Clara Consulting Group report: The Flexible Media Industry for Data Recording, Canadian Market, 2007, June 2007
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.6: Average Track Length of Top 100 Digital Tracks, 2007
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.7: Contains Confidential Information - Response to Copyright Board Questions Concerning Media Levied and Valuation Issues, August 4, 2006 (as revised November 7, 2006)
[filed January 18, 2008]
CPCC-5.8: VEILLE MUSICALE, Étude longitudinale offrant une veille d'enjeux associés à l'industrie de la musique, Utilisation de fichiers comprimés, Tableaux fusionnés pour mars 2008, Réseau Circum, 21 avril 2008
[déposé le 21 avril 2008]
CPCC-6: Article from the website of "Shure": Choosing the Best Bit Rate for Great Sound Quality
[filed April 29, 2008]
CPCC-7: Pages from the website of Thomson Multimedia re: Licensing of MP3 Compression Patents and Compression Ratio
[filed April 29, 2008]
CPCC-8: CPCC's Responses to the Board's questions of April 24, 2008
[filed May 13, 2008]
CPCC-9: Comments of Messrs. Audley and Stohn on the Board's statements (Board notice of May 28, 2008) re: memory storage
[filed June 13, 2008]
Copyright Board
BOARD-1: Notice of the Board of May 28, 2008 re: memory storage
[filed May 28, 2008]
Other documents part of the public record
  1. Email dated April 30, 2008 from Mike Jervis of B.C. submitting a general objection to the imposition of tariffs on blank recordable media.

  2. Letter dated May 27, 2008 from Howard P. Knopf submitting comments on behalf of the Retail Council of Canada on CPCC's case as presented on April 29, 2008.