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Public Performance of Music - List of Witnesses
Re-examination: Commercial Radio Stations
SOCAN and NRCC Tariffs 1.A (2003-2007)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.

Collectives (SOCAN, NRCC and CSI)

Michael J. Murphy, Professor and Head of the Audio and Digital Media Department at Ryerson University's School of Radio and Television Arts
Re: Exhibit Collectives-1

Nancy Smith, Founder and CEO, The NextMedia Company Limited
Re: Exhibit Collectives-2

Benoît Gauthier, President, Circum Network Inc.
Re: Exhibits Collectives-3 and 3.A

Dr. Ajay K. Agrawal, Assistant Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Dr. John McHale, Professor, Queen' School of Business, Queen's University
Re: Exhibits Collectives-4 and 5

Panel: Paul Audley, President, Paul Audley & Associates Ltd.
Douglas Hyatt, Associate, Paul Audley & Associates Ltd.
Re: Exhibits CSI-2 and CSI-5


Canadian Satellite Radio (CSR)

CSR Business Panel:
John I. Bitove, Founder, Chairman and CEO of CSR Inc.
Donald Mckenzie, President and Chief Operating Officer, CSR Inc.
Stewart Lyons, Executive Vice President, CSR Inc.
Re: Exhibit CSR-4

CSR Programming Panel:
Joe Thistel, National Program Director, XM Canada
Jeff Leake, Music Program Director, XM Canada
André Di Cesare, Director, French Language Content Development, CSR
Re: Exhibit CSR-3

Scott Cuthbertson, Vice President and Director, TD Securities Inc., Toronto
Re: Exhibit CSR-2

Panel: Paul Marko, Senior Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, XM Satellite Radio
Darren Kirkwood, Counsel, Canadian Satellite Radio
Re: Exhibits CSR-5, CSR-5.A and Revised CSR-10

Sirius Canada

Sirius Canada Business Panels:
Mark Redmond, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sirius Canada
John Lewis, Vice President of Operations, Sirius Canada
Paul Cunningham, Vice President of Sales and Distribution, Sirius Canada
Christopher Brockbank, Vice President of Marketing, Sirius Canada
Joe Prodan, Vice President of Finance, Sirius Canada
Re: Exhibit Sirius-2

Patrick Cardinal, Special Projects and Consulting, Standard Radio Inc.
Re: Exhibit Sirius-4

Ed Marawski, Angus Reid Strategies
Re: Exhibits Sirius-6-1 and 6-2

Kenneth J. Goldstein, President, Communications Management Inc.
Re: Exhibit Sirius-5

Sirius Canada Reproduction Panel:
Sherry Kerr, Vice President and General Counsel, Sirius Canada
Paul Cunningham, Vice-President of Sales and Distribution, Sirius Canada Inc.
Greg Nease, Senior Director, Network RF Engineering & Planning, Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.
Re: Exhibit Sirius-3

Canadian Satellite Radio and Sirius Canada

David Reitman, Principal, Charles River Associates International
Re: Exhibit Objectors-1