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Public Performance of Music - List of Witnesses
Communication of Musical Works Via the Internet
SOCAN Tariff 22 (1996-2006)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

Tom Jurenka, Founder and Director, Disus Inc.
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-4

George Spears, President, Erin Research Inc.
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-5

Paul Hoffert, Professor
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-6

Robert Linney, President, CueTwo Communications
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-7

Stanley J. Liebowitz, Professor of Economics, School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-9

Panel: Anne Godbout, Manager, Legal Department, SOCAN
Paul Spurgeon, Vice-President of Legal Affairs and General Counsel, SOCAN
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-8

Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB)

Radio Panel:
Sylvain Langlois, Vice-président et directeur général, CITÉ RockDétente, Astral
Paul Larche, President, Larche Communications Inc.
Earl Veale, Director of Operations, Splice Interactive (the on-line division of Corus Radio)
Re: Exhibit CAB-2

Television Panel:
Maria Hale, Vice-President, Content Business Development, CHUM
Lucie Lalumière, Vice-President and General Manager Interactive, Television, Corus Ent.
Jed Schneiderman, Director, Business Development, Digital Media, CTV Inc.
David Stevens, Vice-President, Sales Strategy and Emerging Media, Dose (a division of CanWest Interactive)
Re: Exhibit CAB-3

Jeff Vidler, Partner, Solutions Research Group
Re: Exhibit CAB-4

Jeff Osborne, President, OzWorks Marketing Communications
Re: Exhibit CAB-5

Frank Mathewson, Professor of Economics, University of Toronto
Re: Exhibit CAB-6

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

Panel: Stéphanie Paquette, Directrice, Régions et archives numérisées, Service des nouveaux médias, SRC
John McQuaker, Manager, Regions and Radio/TV Programming Support
Re: Exhibit CBC/SRC-6

Panel: Brigid Lumholst-Smith, Director, Talent Rights Management, CBC
Carole Martineau, Première conseillère en relations industrielles, SRC
Re: Exhibit CBC/SRC-7

Panel: Jean-Marie Heimrath, President, Standard Interactive
Stefan Powell, Vice-President, Operations, Standard Interactive
Re: Exhibit Iceberg-2

National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA)

Panel: Tristis Ward, NCRA Advisory Board and Station Manager of CHSR FM Fredericton
Melissa Kaestner, National Coordinator, NCRA
Re: Exhibit NCRA-1

Panel: Serge Paquin, Secrétaire général, ARC du Canada
François Côté, Agent de développement, ARC du Canada
Magalie Paré, Secrétaire général, ARCQ
Re: Impact of Tariff 22 on Francophone Community Broadcasters

Ken Regan, General Manager, CKUA Radio Network
Re: Similarities of the Internet as compared to AM/FM relay transmitters

Bell Canada, Rogers Communications Inc., Shaw Cablesystems GP and TELUS Communications Inc.

Jeff Vidler, Partner, Solutions Research Group
Re: Exhibit Cable/Telco-2

Wireless Carriers Panel:
Upinder Saini, Vice-President, New Products and Content Development, Rogers Wireless
Andrew Wright, Director of Business Development, Bell Mobility
Nauby Jacob, Director, Browser and Messaging Services, TELUS
Re: Exhibit Cable/Telco-4

Portal/Webcasting Panel:
Kerry Munro, General Manager of Yahoo! Canada
Veronica Holmes, Senior Director, Broadband Innovation and Strategy, Bell Sympatico.MSN
Isabelle Rioux, Content Experience and Operations Manager, Digital Content, TELUS
Re: Exhibit Cable/Telco-3

Alistair Mitchell, CEO and co-founder, Puretracks Inc.
Re: Exhibit Coalition-6

The "Coalition" (CRIA and Apple Canada Inc.)

Panel: Graham Henderson, President, CRIA
Mark Jones, Vice-President, Finance and Information Technology, Universal Music Canada
Christine Prudham, Vice-President, Legal and Regulatory Affairs, SONY BMG Canada
Re: Exhibits Coalition-2, Coalition-3 and Coalition-4

Duncan McKie, Vice-Chairman and Chief Methodologist, POLLARA
Re: Exhibit Coalition-9

Eddy Cue, Vice-President, iTunes
Re: Exhibit Coalition-5

James A. Brander, Asia-Pacific Professor of International Business, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
Re: Exhibit Coalition-8

Entertainment Software Association and Entertainment Software Association of Canada
Panel: Jaap Tuinman, Director of Online Marketing, Electronic Arts
Maria Luisa Simpson, Senior Counsel, IP Policy, Entertainment Software Association
Re: Exhibit ESA-2