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Public Performance of Music - List of Evidence Filed
Background Music - SOCAN Tariff 15.A (2005)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.
Retail Music Association of Canada (RMAC)
RMAC-1: RMAC's Statement of Case and RMAC's objections to SOCAN's tariff proposal for 2006
[filed July 29, 2005]
RMAC-2: RMAC Panel - Revised Witness Statement
[filed September 20, 2005]
RMAC-3: Expert Report of C. Craig Parks: Precedents in Tariffs for Special Case Rate Reductions, September 20, 2005
[filed September 20, 2005]
RMAC-4: SOCAN's Responses to RMAC's Interrogatories
[filed September 20, 2005]
RMAC-5: HMV Online Survey; Scans of HMV Stores (Appendices A to E)
[filed October 20, 2005]
RMAC-6: Alternative Tariff Proposed by RMAC
[filed November 1, 2005]
RMAC-7: Graphs: (1) Planned Purchase vs. Impulse Buy; (2) How Heard About CD
[filed November 1, 2005]
RMAC-8: Letter dated November 14, 2005 from Andrea Rush re: jurisdiction of the Copyright Board to allocate a rate of zero as the amount payable under a tariff
[filed November 14, 2005]

Music World
MW-1: E-mail dated August 2, 2005 from Gary Stern, Vice-President, Finance, Music World, supporting the case presented by RMAC
[filed August 2, 2005]

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
SOCAN-1: SOCAN's Statement of Case
[filed October 7, 2005]
SOCAN-2: SOCAN Proposed Tariff 15.A (2005)
[filed October 7, 2005]
SOCAN-3: SOCAN Panel Witness Statement
[filed October 7, 2005]
SOCAN-4: Tariff 15.A Licensing Information
[filed October 7, 2005]
SOCAN-5: Record Store Merchandise Information
[filed October 7, 2005]
SOCAN-6: Confidential - RMAC's Responses to SOCAN's Interrogatories relied on by SOCAN
[filed October 7, 2005]
SOCAN-7: SOCAN's Response to undertakings re: (a) additional record store licensing information; (b) the SOCAN-HMV Agreement
[filed November 9, 2005]
SOCAN-8: Letter dated November 29, 2005 from Gilles Daigle stating SOCAN's position re: zero-rating
[filed November 29, 2005]