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Public Performance of Music - List of Witnesses
Commercial Television Stations and Pay and Specialty Television Services
SOCAN Tariffs 2.A (1998-2004) and 17. A (2001-2004)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

Professeur Pierre Trudel, Faculté de droit, Université de Montréal
Re: Pièce SOCAN-5

Professor Stanley J. Liebowitz, School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas
Re: Exhibits SOCAN-2 and SOCAN-29

Professeur Daniel J. Gervais, Faculté de droit (Section de Common Law), Université d'Ottawa
Re: Pièces SOCAN-13 et SOCAN-13.A

Monica Auer, Broadcasting Consultant
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-6

Paul Spurgeon, SOCAN's General Counsel
Re: Exhibits SOCAN-15, SOCAN-16, SOCAN-17, SOCAN-18, SOCAN-19 and SOCAN-20

Composer Panels: Jack Lenz, Marty Simon, Paul Hoffert, Glenn Morley and Pierre-Daniel Rheault
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-7, SOCAN-8, SOCAN-9 and SOCAN-10

Bell ExpressVu

Chris Frank, Vice-President, Programming and Government Affairs, Bell ExpressVu LP
Re: Exhibit Bell ExpressVu-2

Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB)

Business of Programming/Use of Music Panel:
Joyce Matheson, General Manager of CTV Music
Paul Gratton, Station Manager, Bravo!
Brigitte d'Amours, Groupe TVA Inc.
Re: Exhibits CAB-3, CAB-3A, CAB-15, CAB-16, CAB-17 and CAB-18

Competitive Environment Panel:
Wayne Charman, Senior Vice President, Television, Specialty and Pay Services and New Technologies
Kenneth Goldstein, President, Communications Management Inc.
Re: Exhibits CAB-3, CAB-3A, CAB-6, CAB-8, CAB-9, CAB-10, CAB 11, CAB-12, CAB-13 and CAB-14

Economic Evidence Panel:
Professor Steven Globerman, Western Washington University College of Business and Economics
Kenneth Goldstein, President, Communications Management Inc.
Re: Exhibits CAB-8.B and CAB-21

Stan Staple, CBC Research
Re: Exhibit CAB-22

MBL Issues Panel:
Cam Johnson, Vice-President, Special Projects, Global Television Network
Bernard Guérin, Directeur général, Affaires juridiques, TQS inc.
Grace Shafran, Consultant, CTV
Re: Exhibits CAB-23, CAB-24, CAB-25 and CAB-26

Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA)

Cable Industry Panel:
Michael Allen, Rogers Communications Inc.
Dale Butler, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Shaw Communications Inc.
Suzanne Blackwell, Vice-President, Economic Research, CCTA
Re: Exhibits CCTA-2, CCTA-6 and CCTA-6A

Dr. Fred Lazar, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, York University
Re: Exhibit CCTA-4, CCTA-4A and CCTA

CBC Newsworld and RDI

Panel: Maria Mironowicz, Director of Programming, CBC Newsworld
Jean-Pierre Pétel, Réalisateur - Coordonnateur RDI, Le Réseau de l'information
Re: Exhibit CBC Services-3

CPR (Bell Globemedia Inc.; CTV Television Inc.; Pelmorex Communications Inc. and Rogers Media Inc.)

Stephen M. Armstrong, Stephen M. Armstrong Consulting Inc.
Re: Exhibit CPR-10

Sports Genre Panel:
Scott Moore, Vice President, Production and Operations, Rogers Sportsnet
Rick Chisholm, Vice President, Production, TSN
Robert Turcotte, Senior Manager, Programming, RDS
Re: Exhibits CPR-5, CPR-6, CPR-7, CPR-12, CPR-13, CPR-15 and CPR-21

News and Information Genre Panel:
Mitch Charron, Director of Programming and Operations, The Weather Network/MétéoMédia Tom Haberstroh, Executive Producer, CTV Newsnet
Re: Exhibits CPR-2, CPR-3, CPR-4, CPR-9 and CPR-13

Business Panel:
Bart Yabsley, Executive Vice-President, CTV Specialty Television
Alain Strati, Director, Regulatory Affairs, Rogers Media
Luc Perreault, Vice-président, communication et affaires réglementaires, The Weather Network/MétéoMédia
Re: Exhibits CPR-1, CPR-8, CPR-9, CPR-13, CPR-16, CPR-18, CPR-19 and CPR-20

Dr. George Spears, President, Erin Research Inc.
Re: Exhibit CPR-13

Dr. David W. Jamieson, Chief Scientist and Head, Advanced Analytics, Environics Research Group
Re: Exhibit CPR-17

SERVICES (CHUM; Corus; Alliance Atlantis; Astral; CanWest Global and Others)

Dr. Ruth Corbin, Vice-Chairman, Léger Marketing, and CEO, Decision Resources Inc.
Re: Exhibit SERVICES-10

Panel: Denise Cooper, Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs, CHUM Limited
Bryan Ellis, Executive Vice President, Corus TV and Ontario Regional Broadcast Group
Michel Arpin, Conseiller principal, Affaires réglementaires et gouvernementales, Groupe radiodiffusion Astral Inc.
Re: Exhibit SERVICES-6