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Public Performance of Music - List of Witnesses
Television Specialty Services - SOCAN Tariff 17.A (1996-2000)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.

Society of Composers, authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

Professor Stanley J. Liebowitz, School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas
Re: Exhibits SOCAN-6 and SOCAN-7

Victor Perkins, Director of International Relations and Business Development, SOCAN
Re: Exhibits SOCAN-3, SOCAN-4, SOCAN-10 and SOCAN-11

Professor Matthew W. Fraser, Professor of Communications, Ryerson Polytechnic University
Re: Exhibit SOCAN-8

Professeur Abraham Hollander, Département de sciences économiques, Université de Montréal
Re : Pièce SOCAN-12

DTH Companies

Panel: Paul Armstrong, Director, Regulatory and Government Affairs, Bell ExpressVu L.P.
Scott Gibson, Vice-President, Legal and Government Affairs, Canadian Satellite Communications Inc.

Pay Services, CCTA, CNE, DTH Companies, Shaw Communications, Shaw Cablesystems, CNN and A&E

Professor Frank Mathewson, Department of Economics, University of Toronto; Senior Consultant, Charles River Associates Canada Ltd.
Re: Exhibit PAY-2

Kenneth J. Goldstein, Communications Management Inc.
Re: Exhibit PAY-3