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Public Performance of Music - List of Evidence Filed
Cabarets, Cafes, Clubs, etc. - Recorded Music Accompanying Live Entertainment - SOCAN Tariff 3.B (1995)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.
Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)
SOCAN-1: Pre-Hearing Memorandum
[filed August 25, 1995]
SOCAN-2: Table I: Number of Licensees and Fees Collected Under Tariffs 3.A, 3.B and 18
[filed September 22, 1995]
SOCAN-3: Table II: History of Tariff 3.B Rates and Examples of Tariff 3.B Fees
[filed September 22, 1995]
SOCAN-4: Agreements between SOCAN and the Hotel Association of Canada and the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
[filed August 25, 1995]
Association's Response to Interrogatory 1
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.1
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.3
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.4
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.5
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.6
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.7
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.10
Association's Response to Interrogatory 2.12
[all filed August 25, 1995]
SOCAN-6: Comparison of the Music Use in SOCAN's Tariffs 3A/3B/18
[filed September 26, 1995]
SOCAN-7: Letter dated January 3, 1992 from Gowling, Strathy & Henderson to Mr. Gregory Ludlow of MacBeth & Johnson
[filed September 27, 1995]
SOCAN-8: Tariff 3.B Accounts - Number of Licensees between 1 January 1995 to 31 August 1995
[filed September 28, 1995]
SOCAN-9: Tariff 3.B Accounts - Total number by province as at September 28, 1995
[filed September 28, 1995]
SOCAN-10: Notice to SOCAN Licensed Accounts re: Agreement reached between SOCAN and the CRFA and HAC
[filed September 28, 1995]
SOCAN-11: Letter dated October 16, 1995 from Y.A. George Hynna to C. Majeau in response to an undertaking made on September 26, 1995
Letter dated October 2, 1995 from SOCAN to BMI
SOCAN-11.B: Letter dated October 3, 1995 from ASCAP to SOCAN
SOCAN-11.C: Letter dated October 12, 1995 from BMI to SOCAN
[all filed October 17, 1995]
SOCAN-12: Letter dated November 1, 1995 from Y.A. George Hynna to C. Majeau further to letter of October 16, 1995 to which is attached a letter dated November 1, 1995 from SESAC to Y.A. George Hynna
[filed November 1, 1995]

Letter dated November 23, 1995 from Y.A. George Hynna to C. Majeau in response to undertakings made on September 27 and 28, 1995
Licence of Joan Maxine Clarke
Note dated November 17, 1995 from D. Greenwood re: SOCAN's audit of Caddy's/Zacks
[all filed November 23, 1995]
SOCAN-14: Letter dated February 27, 1996 from Y.A. George Hynna to C. Majeau (in response to undertakings made during the course of the hearings) to which are attached letters from the CRFA and the HAC
[filed February 27, 1996]

Ontario Adult Entertainment Bar Association
ASSOCIATION-1: Pre-Hearing Memorandum
[filed September 13, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-2: Comparison Chart(s) of Amounts Payable Under Tariffs 3.B, 15 and 18
[filed September 22, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-3: SOCAN's Response to Interrogatory 3
[filed September 22, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-4: SOCAN's Response to Interrogatory 5
[filed September 22, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-5: SOCAN's Response to Interrogatory 7
[filed September 22, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-6: SOCAN's Response to Interrogatory 9
[filed September 22, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-7: Application for Licence and/or Report - Tariff 3.B for the Caddy's (Zacks) establishment (dated July 12, 1990)
[filed September 27, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-8: Letter dated June 7, 1994 from SOCAN to the attention of Mr. L. Koutsaris establishing the balance of SOCAN fees payable by Zacks, Caddy's, etc. as of June 7, 1994
[filed September 27, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-9: Letter dated June 7, 1994 from SOCAN to the attention of Mr. H. Kamin re: Performing Rights Licence Fees - SOCAN Account
[filed September 27, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-10: Letter dated September 12, 1995 from Gowling, Strathy & Henderson to the attention of Mr. L. Koutsaris re: Performing Rights Fees for Musical Entertainment, and providing a Statement of Account as of August 10, 1995
[filed September 27, 1995]
ASSOCIATION-11: CAPAC Invoices re: Zack's - One dated September 2, 1986 and another dated January 26, 1987
[filed September 28, 1995]


Letter dated November 21, 1995 from Rosanne M. Giulietti to C. Majeau in response to undertakings made on September 28, 1995
Partial listing of Canadian Adult Entertainment Parlours
Copies of recently-enacted by-laws affecting adult entertainment parlours from the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto, City of Brampton and City of Mississauga
[all filed November 21, 1995]