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Public Performance of Music - List of Witnesses
Television Specialty Services - SOCAN Tariff 17.A (1990-1995)

Please note that the list is posted in the language in which it was filed.

Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN)

David Ellis, Communications Consultant, Omnia Communications Inc.

Richard Paradis, conseiller expert en communications, Le Groupe CIC inc.

David Taylor, Communications Analyst, Sanwa McCarthy Securities Ltd.

M.F. Hanson, Consultant, Communications Services and Consulting
David Tattle, A.C. Nielsen
Patrick McDougall, Association of Canadian Advertisers Inc.

Victor Perkins, Director of Repertoire Administration, SOCAN
Mary-Ellen Berwick, Administrative Assistant, SOCAN

Stanley J. Liebowitz, Economist, University of Texas at Dallas

Panel of Music Composers:
Louis Applebaum, Glenn Morley, Yves Décary, Pierre-Daniel Rheault

Barrie C. Kirk, Professional Engineer and Consultant

Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA)

Duncan McKie, Consultant, Insight Canada Research

Pierre Trudel, Directeur, Centre de recherche en droit public, Université de Montréal

Arthur Donner, Consultant, Arthur Donner Consultants Inc.
Fred Lazar, Professor, York University

Mark Pezarro, Vice-President, Research and Development and Business, Cogeco Inc.
Paul Temple, Vice-President, Regulatory and Public Affairs, Rogers Cablesystems Ltd.

Allan Sayegh, Program Director, Shaw Cablesystems Ltd.
Jane Wrathall, Programming Manager, Access Cable Television Ltd.
Maureen Tilson Dyment, Programming Services Manager, Cablenet

"Pay Services"

Hussein Rostum, Director, Economic and Social Research Services, Nordicity Group Ltd.
Tara Rajan, Consultant, NGL

MuchMusic, MusiquePlus, Bravo!

Mark Rubinstein, Vice-President and General Manager - MuchMusic/Bravo!
David Kirwood, Vice-President, Marketing - MuchMusic & Bravo!

Michel Arpin, Vice-président - Radiomutuel/MusiquePlus et
Pierre Marchand, Directeur général, MusiquePlus

Greg Mudry, Vice-President and General Manager, Atlantic Television System

YTV Canada

Martin Abel, Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer, YTV

TV5 (Consortium de Télévision Québec Canada)

James Baer, Directeur général, CTQC

TSN, RDS, The Discovery Channel

Rick Brace, Vice-President, Programming, The Sports Network

Regional Cablesystems

Brendan Paddick, General Manager, Regional Cable TV (Atlantic) Inc.

Canadian Satellite Communications (CANCOM)

Claude Lewis, Executive Vice-President, CANCOM
Lary Corke, Vice-President, Cable Services, CANCOM