Copyright Act

The mandate and activities of the Copyright Board are defined in the Copyright Act.

In general, and unless an exception applies, the Act provides that the use of the works or any other protected object must be authorized by the copyright owner. This authorization is generally accompanied by a fee to be paid to the owner. The Board examines and approves the tariff proposals submitted by the collective societies which manage certain types of rights on behalf of copyright owners. The tariffs determine the conditions of use and specify the fee to be paid to the owner. It therefore plays a key role in implementing the Act and promoting the interests of copyright owners and content users.

To view the full text of the Copyright Act  (or in PDF format: Copyright Act (R.S., 1985, c. C-42)).

For more details on what copyright is, what it covers and what does not, or for general questions related to copyright, you can refer to the Copyright Guide.