Proposed Tariffs

The Copyright Act provides that a collective society may file a proposed tariff with the Board for the purpose of establishing royalties with respect to certain rights that it administers. A proposed tariff is simply a proposal put forth by a collective society to be examined and approved by the Board. As of April 1, 2019, a proposed tariff must cover a period of three calendar years or more and must be filed by no later than October 15 two calendar years before its effective date. Upon receipt, the Board prepares the publication of the proposed tariff, also called the proposed statement of royalties, on its website. Users (or, in the case of private copying, any interested person) then have 30 days to file an objection with the Board. While some proposed tariffs may be approved by the Board as filed, others may be amended following the examination process. The approved tariff is then published in the Canada Gazette.

Please note that as per Practice Notice [PN 2019-004 rev.2], the Board publishes proposed tariffs as filed by the collective societies. 

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Proposed Tariffs submitted by Collective Societies