The Copyright Board consists of a maximum of five board members appointed by the Governor in Council for terms not exceeding five years, which can be renewed only once.

The Chair must be a judge, either sitting or retired, of a superior, county or district court. The Chair directs the work of the Board and assigns the tasks to the members.

The Vice-Chair is also the Chief executive officer (CEO), and directs all the operations of the Board, including the management of its human and financial resources.

With the exception of the Vice-Chair, the other board members assume their functions on a part-time basis.


The role of the secretariat is to support the Board members in their role as decision-makers and to ensure the smooth running of the Board’s operations.

The secretariat is also responsible for receiving and responding to requests from the public on matters related to its mandate. It is made up of four teams: legal services, economic and research services, the registry office and corporate services.

The offices of the Board are located in downtown Ottawa.

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