Modernizing the Copyright Board

The Copyright Board has published a status update on its Modernization Initiative

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Copyright Board Rules of Practice and Procedure

The Copyright Board Rules of Practice and Procedure are now in effect.

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2021-2022 Annual Report

The Copyright Board has published its 2021-2022 Annual Report.

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Recent Decisions

See tariffs recently approved by the Copyright Board.

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What's New

Web Form for Filing Proposed Tariffs 

September 12, 2023

The web form for filing proposed tariffs for the years 2025 and following is now available. Collective societies must file all proposed tariffs by October 16, 2023, at the latest. 

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Appointment Opportunity - Board Member

August 21, 2023

The Government of Canada is seeking a new Board Member to participate in decision-making panels to set fair and equitable tariffs for the use of works protected by copyright. This part-time opportunity is open to diverse and talented Canadians from across the country. All interested persons are encouraged to apply by September 14, 2023.

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Copyright Board Issues New Practice Notices

June 27, 2023

The Board has issued three new practice notices to provide additional guidance in meeting the requirements set out in the Copyright Board Rules of Practice and procedure: SOR/2023-24:

  • [PN 2023-010] Practice Notice on Changing the Status of a Party
  • [PN 2023-011] Practice Notice on Interrogatory Process
  • [PN 2023-012] Practice Notice on Filing of Statement of Issues to be Considered

Copyright Board of Canada Accessibility Plan 2023-2025

June 27, 2023

The Copyright Board has published its 2023-2025 Accessibility Plan, which reflects the Board's goal to identify, remove, and proactively prevent barriers across a number of priority areas in the workplace. To learn more about the Plan and ways to provide feedback to the Board on accessibility issues, click here.

Status Update on Modernization Initiative

May 18, 2023

The Copyright Board has published a status update on its Modernization Initiative launched in 2019.

The first Phase of the Modernization Initiative focused on Board operations to allow for the implementation of recent amendments made to the Copyright Act and the new obligation to render its decisions within 12 months of deliberation. This reform deals with concerns regarding the efficiency, predictability and transparency of Board practices previously voiced by stakeholders. It also positions the Board to continue to serve the public interest, and improve access to justice in the copyright marketplace.

In a second phase, the Board will focus on consolidating the results of its operational reforms, while engaging stakeholders and its other partners in a broader reflection on the best ways for the Board to support a competitive and fair copyright marketplace in Canada in the future.

Read Modernizing the Copyright Board: Status Update

Copyright Board Rules of Practice and Procedure

March 1, 2023

The Copyright Board’s first set of Rules of Practice and Procedure have been published in the Canada Gazette and are in effect.

These rules reflect the Board’s commitment toward effective and expeditious tariff-setting procedures, transparency, and access to justice, and are a key part of the Board’s Modernization Initiative. They were developed with a view to increase the predictability of Board tariff-setting proceedings, and provide clear guidance to Parties on how to engage with the Board.

The rules set out various requirements for the Board and parties to its proceedings, from filing proposed tariffs to submitting evidence, to the conduct of hearings. An overview of the Rules, developed by the Board, can be found here.

The following practice notices have been updated to help Parties understand the new requirements set out in the Rules:

Additionally, the Board has issued a new Practice Notice on Submitting Economic Evidence [PN 2023-009], which replaces the previous Guidelines for Economic Evidence Submitted to the Copyright Board of Canada.

We thank all who have contributed to the development of the Rules of Practice and Procedure, and in doing so have supported the Board’s role in the Canadian copyright market. 

Recent Decisions

SOCAN Tariff 22.A – Online Music Services (2014-2018)

Reasons (2023 CB 5) September 8, 2023 (Application to amend pursuant to section 69 of the Copyright Act


SOCAN Tariff 9 – Sports Events (2024-2026)

Reasons (2023 CB 4) July 7, 2023

Approved Tariff (2023 CB 4-T) July 8, 2023

Commercial Radio Reproduction (2024-2026)

Reasons (2023 CB 3) July 7, 2023

Approved Tariff (2023 CB 3-T) July 8, 2023

SOCAN Tariff 23 – Hotel and Motel In-Room Services (2018-2024)

Reasons (2023 CB 2) July 7, 2023

Approved Tariff (2023 CB 2-T) July 8, 2023

SOCAN Tariff 22.D.3 – Audiovisual Services Allied with Programming and Distribution Undertakings (2007-2013)

Reasons (2023 CB 1) February 24, 2023

Approved Tariff (2023 CB 1-T) February 25, 2023

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