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Regulations Defining "Advertising Revenues"


Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of these regulations?

Subsection 68.1(1)(a)(i) of the Copyright Act sets at $100 the amount of royalties to be paid for the neighbouring rights that wireless transmission systems shall pay on their first 1.25 million dollars of annual advertising revenues. These Regulations prescribe the meaning of the term "advertising revenues" thus defining the rate base that will be used to determine which part of a wireless transmission system's revenues benefits from the $100 special royalty rate.

What are the key elements of these regulations?

The key element to these regulations is the definition of "advertising revenues".

How do these regulations affect Canadian businesses?

These regulations have no effect on Canadian businesses.

What is the timeline for implementation?

These regulations have already been implemented.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the Board for further questions by email ( or telephone (613-952-8621).