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Educational Program, Work and Other Subject-matter Record-keeping Regulations


Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of these regulations?

Since January 1, 1999, educational institutions and persons acting under their authority can, without the copyright owner's authorization, copy programs and other subject-matter when they are communicated to the public and perform those copies before an audience consisting primarily of students. In order to avail themselves of this exception, institutions must, among other things, keep records concerning the making, destruction, performance and marking of copies and share this information with collective societies.

These regulations, made pursuant to subsection 29.9(2) of the Copyright Act, set out these reporting requirements.

What are the key elements of these regulations?

These regulations set out the reporting requirements for educational institutions for the copying of programs and other subject-matter.

How do these regulations affect Canadian businesses?

These regulations do not affect Canadian businesses. They only affect educational institutions by requiring them to document their copying of programs or other subject-matters.

What is the timeline for implementation?

These regulations have already been implemented.

Where can I get more information?

Contact the Board for further questions by email ( or telephone (613-952-8621).