Copyright Board Canada


To the Board's Stakeholders

In 2011, the federal government committed to a comprehensive program to reduce or eliminate red tape on businesses. The Red Tape Reduction Action Plan committed all departments and agencies to undertake a systemic study and reform of their regulations.

In the fall of 2014, as part of this work, departments and agencies were also required to develop an Interpretation Policy that outlines the commitments, practices, and tools that will be used by each department or agency when providing Canadians and businesses with information and guidance on their regulatory obligations. This policy is also to provide clear guidance on how written responses to questions must be addressed by departments and agencies (Guide for Developing and Implementing Interpretation Policies).

The Copyright Board of Canada published its Interpretation Policy for Regulations (Interpretation Policy) on January 13, 2015. This policy outlines specific departmental commitments the Board has made to inform and provide guidance on departmental regulations. It also provides clear guidance on how written responses to questions must be addressed by departments and agencies.

In order to ensure that this policy is responsive to stakeholder needs, we are now seeking stakeholder feedback. As a key stakeholder with the Board, I would like to invite you to respond to the questions below.

These questions focus strictly on the Board's interpretation policy, and not on specific regulatory reforms. From these questions, we are seeking your opinion about what the Board is doing well, as well as help in identifying any areas for improvement.

The consultation will close on March 18, 2015.

Your participation would be most appreciated. If you have any questions concerning the consultation process or to submit your comments, please contact Maryse Choquette at


1- Are you satisfied with the Board's Interpretation Policy for Regulations?

2- If not, what improvements could be made?

3- Do you have any other comments you might wish to make?