Copyright Board Canada

Section IV: Other Items of Interest

Organizational Contact Information

Copyright Board of Canada
Suite 800 - 56 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C9
Telephone : 613.952.8621
E-mail :

Additional Information

Board Members

Board members are appointed by the Governor in Council to hold office during good behaviour for a term not exceeding five years. They may be reappointed once.

The Act requires that the Chairman must be a judge, either sitting or retired, of a superior, county or district court. The Chairman directs the work of the Board and divides its caseload among the members.

The Act also designates the Vice-Chairman as Chief Executive Officer of the Board. He or she exercises direction over the Board and supervises its staff.

The organizational structure of the Board follows the requirements set out in section 66 and following sections of the Act.

Board's Staff

The Board has a staff of 14 employees, organized around five operational groups:

  1. The Registry group plans and manages all activities and resources related to public hearings and the issuing of licences for the use of works whose copyright owners cannot be located. This includes receiving, organizing and reviewing the documentary evidence and information, and organizing and maintaining the Board's records, archives and library.
  2. The Research and Analysis group, which is responsible for the preparation and analysis of reports and research papers, the development of scenario analysis and recommendations and the provision of economic support to Board members and for decisions.
  3. The Legal Analysis group, which provides legal analysis and advice on tariff and licence applications before the Board, and represents the Board before the Courts in matters involving its jurisdiction.
  4. The Corporate Services group, which is responsible for financial and materiel management policies, systems, processes and standards which are consistent with modern comptrollership.
  5. The Technical Support group, which provides support in particular in respect of computers and related technology.


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ii. Copyright Board of Canada Financial Statements,

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